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3rd MAY     GRACE Guest event (possibly)

What is BEYOND?

BEYOND is an opportunity for people to explore
spirituality through a variety of creative approaches.

The aims of BEYOND are:
• To help people to a deeper understanding of spirituality
through the arts and other creative activities.
• To explore non-traditional ways of being Christian.
• To be a resource for church people who wish to further
explore their relationship with God.

Using art, poetry, philosophy and theology, BEYOND curates provocative spaces in order to inspire and stimulate discussion.The installations and events create environments for questions and grappling with ideas about God without signing up to an established line of dogmatic thought.

BEYOND creates around 10 events a year and everyone is welcome to any event.


Given that these days people
are so diverse and think very
differently about how worship should be performed,
so that some cannot bear
to alter the tiniest of their traditions while others want to change everything and have
no respect for anything old,
we thought it best not to worry
too much what either of these extremes wanted but to focus
on what pleases God
that we all might benefit.