1st September     Rev. Vince Anderson:Dirty Gospel
3rd September     9 Beats Collective
Rev. Vince Anderson: Dirty Gospel

St Luke's Prestonville
64 Old Shoreham Road

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Rev. Vince Anderson comes to Brighton for a one off solo gig, playing what he calls 'Dirty Gospel', a term reflecting both his musical influences and his theological perspective. It's a high energy mix of blues, jazz and improvisation delivered courtesy of an amazing gravelly voice and extraordinarily nimble keyboard work. Vince is a force of nature who can get a room full of people jumping and dancing as he reinvents old classics and invites his audience to join in with an 'Amen'.

He is part of the 9 Beats Collective which has come together to make a soundscape of songs, instrumentals and spoken word that explores the ancient wisdom known as the Beatitudes.